Tumblr events you suck! Thanks for pimping my event but how in the hell do I even move it or change the day? UUUUUGH. I left a comment on it so hopefully everyone  goes “oh ok not happening. Cool!” 

Anonymous said: How many people roughly are going to picnicstuck?

As of right now it looks like about 17 people confirmed that I know of. 

Bad news. Picnicstuck may have to be moved to the first weekend in May rather than keeping it as April 27th. 

Location: Howarth Park; Everett, Washington.

Day and Time: April 27th (Saturday) @ 12pm - ???

Details: It’s a picnic. You can come in cosplay or come as yourself. There will be a cosplay contest so be on the watch for those details. Feel free to bring food if you want. IF you are poor don’t worry! There will be hotdogs and hamburgers for everyone to eat as well as something good to drink! 

Any questions? Or do you want to help out? Feel free to contact me! 

Email: EverettStuckGroup@live.com

So future events. Go ahead and leave an ask if you have ideas or want to host an event! 

So far other than PicnicStuck I was think a fourth of July even would be kind of cool to do.

Sent in a request so that PicnicStuck can be on the official list of Tumblr meetups. 

Just a friendly reminder that there is an event page for PicnicStuck.


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So if this gets big enough I am for sure going to need help.

As of right now it’s just me running this thing and some help would be cool.

If you want to help out send me an ask or e-mail. 

We’ll figure stuff out from there.

Just for the record:

Picnic stuck is a once a month thing. Or maybe once every two month. Depends on how popular it gets. 

That means each month there will be a new cosplay contest.

Maybe even more contests! 



So let’s make this first one amazing so that we can continue this thing!

Do you like Homestuck? Do you like food?

Then you should come to picnicstuck. 

We’ll have food, Homestuck, Games, and Contests! 

Seriously what else could you ever want in your life?